America’s ER

America's ERAmerica’s ER is building a series of freestanding Emergency Room centers.  These are physically separate and legally distinct facilities and are not attached to hospitals.  They are independently licensed and capable of receiving patients, providing life-saving emergency medical treatment and/or stabilization of any emergency condition to any patient requiring immediate medical care.

America’s ER is best described as an Emergency Room without the hospital, but more importantly, without the wait.  These emergency room centers are fully functional and licensed emergency rooms capable of providing comprehensive general and emergent care for any medical condition to communities in a customer service, patient-centered environment near convenient retail locations.  With the freedom to be inserted within strategically targeted neighborhoods with desirable demographics traditionally unavailable to large hospital developments, America’s ER will be marketed and operated as a retail business.  Focusing more on local markets rather than regional demographics (like traditional hospitals), America’s ER will be capable of reaching deep into communities in order to deliver state-of-the-art medical care to a targeted population segment.

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